RiskALERT is an IT interactive solution for the management or the risks of a project or the project portfolio.

Developed solely by Infinity, RiskALERT incorporates the experience gained by us on the Romanian market, to solve the needs specific to this market.

By alerting in due time the closing in of the moment of possible materialization of a risk and facilitating the communication between these team members who are responsible with its control, the RiskALERT IT solution creates team dynamics and cohesion, without which one cannot pass over the critical moments.


    • Server-Client Application
    • Offers an overview of the company’s portfolio
    • Creates a basis for lessons learned by keeping track of all risks encountered during a project’s life cycle through Risk Template on a portfolio level
    • Maintains a live risk register on all investment categories
    • Alerts all parties involved – Project Managers through configurable emails

Application features

  • Improves the planning process
  • Efficient allotment of resources
  • Warns in due time about risks and opportunities
  • Proactive management of problems
  • A better management of the project on the whole
  • Testing the available strategic options to improve the performance of the project and of the business
  • The possibility to develop any initiative based on uncertain benefit and cost premises
  • Keeps the history of events and the carrying out of activities
  • It is integrated with Primavera, Primavera Risk Analysis, MS Project