Integrated IT systems

The integrated IT systems make possible for the first time real time access to all information from the computers of a company. Because of the global vision which it facilitates, the integrated IT systems are considered a mandatory standard for any large or medium-sized company in the world.

Without these systems, the IT architecture built over time creates information islands which have to be accessed with different Software Solutions. And because of this, obtaining data in real time becomes impossible. But for the decision making process, this fluidity is vital.

The upper management of a project or a project portfolio is the first beneficiary of the integrated IT systems, making possible the drawing-up on time of the analyses and simulations which allow the control over a complex project.


From our experience with many companies, the IT architecture of which we analyzed, the main causes of the problems are the following:

  • incorrect mapping of the business processes in the integrated system
  • insufficient analysis (unclear requests, vague specifications)
  • departure from the initial objectives of the project
  • incorrect time and effort estimate
  • insufficient allotment of resources
  • defective planning and monitoring of the implementation project
  • resistance to change

By making these mistakes, the implementation project may become out of control, in terms of duration, cost or complexity (the redundant complexities make the final system slower and non-performant), while the benefits obtained are smaller.


Opportunity analysis

  • Initiation
  • Business analysis
  • Solution analysis

Implementing the solution

  • Provider selection
  • Detailed analysis
  • Implementation

Why Infinity

We are not a company which makes Software Solutions and promotes its own product. Moreover, by not being connected to a provider of integrated solutions, we do not try to impose a certain solution on you.

After the analysis, we offer the option which, according to our expertise, is the most suitable for you.

Unlike an IT company, we understand the organizational complexity of a company and we know how to structure its IT circuit, for optimal results.

We know how to carry out a project, so we implement the IT systems on time, with minimal disruptions of the company’s activity.

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