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Workshop VIP (Value Improvement Practices)

International projects management

March 31, 2017 # 14:00 – 17:00


Context of international projects
International projects are a mirage for many Romanian companies because they can provide a sustainable business in a competitive market.
Building a partnership with a company in Western Europe, Middle East or Africa, whether it is about energy industry/ oil & gas or industrial and civil construction, is done in a long time and is based, primarily, on trust and demonstrated competences. Any deviation from the quality and assumed deadlines could damage the business partnership. It is therefore very important to know from the beginning the business culture of the international partners and particularly the project management culture.

Reporting systems
The reporting system required by general contractors in areas where international companies influence is present, can be radically different from the one required by beneficiaries of major projects.
Weekly Reports and Monthly Report are few examples of synthesizing relevant information from project collects data from engineering departments, planning, procurement, HSE etc.
S Curve development of a tracking project progress or even a rigorous Earned Value analysis is the tool that should not be missed in such reports.

Captura Value Improvement Practices

Workshops VIP (Value Improvement Practices)
During projects evolution, a series of workshops should be conducted in order to improve coordination and management activities:

  • Project Execution Planning Workshop (Team alignment workshop) – when project starts, in order to establish responsibility, project approach, engagement of all parties (stakeholders)
  • Risk Management (risk workshops) – e very time a problem appears in a project, we must be able to say that we anticipated this problem, that we have a plan and we can solve the problem. Time and money can be saved, avoiding stress by applying the principles of Risk – considering the uncertainties, identifying and analyzing risk in order to increase the probability of developing opportunities and lowering the probability of threats, developing a project schedule works more realistic by including risks.
  • Schedule Optimization (workshop optimization graph) – using techniques to optimize the schedule, in order to obtain a higher probability of project achievement in budget and in time, as well as the highest possible compression, without affecting the project objectives
  • Lessons learned – aims to be an exchange of experience that we want to be useful for all companies who develop or plan to develop international projects. We will share our experience but will also look forward the participants tell their sorrows or achievements related to this subject, to avoid past mistakes.

Location: 18 Constantin Aricescu street, 3rd floor, interfon 05, District 1, Bucharest

The workshop can be arranged upon request onsite (in Bucharest), online for individuals and companies in the country or abroad!

Registration, according to available seats, by submit the form below:

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