Project Management and Programs Management

Integrated Project Management services

Projects and programs run by organizations are becoming increasingly complex and profit margins increasingly smaller. Economic uncertainty puts a new level of pressure on project teams so that they can manage and execute projects in conditions of extreme competitiveness. Companies are struggling to react quickly to fluctuating markets and continuously changing business requirements. Given these professional project management has become an imperative necessity.

For a company to take advantage of the lessons learned with difficulty by others, special tools have been created, named standards. They accumulate and codify lessons learned from the thousands of projects worldwide and underlying project manager profession from all countries. The most common standard is PMBOK® Guide.

Applying our methodology based on PMBOK® Guide  standards and on risks reduction, we ensure the implementation of any project on time and within budget.

Risk Management

Risk management is that part of project management that deals with identifying and assessing risks, and then uses resources efficiently, to minimize risk impact and possibility of occurrence.

It is not uncommon for a Romanian project management company to include in their planning a chapter so-called “risk management”. On a closer reading, however, 99% of time this chapter is without substance. Counting on a lack of customer knowledge, these companies include only a superficial analysis of financial risk. Such analysis created to project the appearance of protection, leave the project and the beneficiary company vulnerable to future events, without any alternative plan or possibility to change the project trajectory in time.

As the first company on the Romanian market that took risk management seriously, we gained the trust of an important group of large companies, precisely because we offer a viable alternative. We believe that the lack of a risk management plan is the main reason causing deadline and budget overruns, and could cause loss of money, loss of reputation or even bankruptcy.

Based on the experts and the latest Software Solutions, the “Infinity” risk analysis services reveals, from the beginning, the complete picture of all critical aspects of the project. After simulations, we choose the optimal methods of risk control and alternative routes to follow in case of their possible occurrence.

Through our team’s direct involvement in the project, we constantly supervise the evolution of risk factors, and if needed, can activate the alternative routes in advance. In this way, the influence of external events over the proper course of the project is minimized.

PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.