Primavera Risk Analysis

Primavera Risk Analysis Primavera Risk Analysis, a component of the Primavera series from Oracle, is an IT solution for risk management during the whole lifecycle of the project.

By integrating the cost risk management and the management of risks related to the observance of the term by the project, Primavera Risk Analysis offers a wide range of methods which allow:

  • determining the degree of trust in the success of the project
  • discovering critical points
  • determining the risk response plans

Primavera Risk Analysis offers the user possibilities to simulate the alternative routes. This allows the evaluation of the impact of response plans on the costs and completion terms, as well as their analysis from the point of view of cost-benefit efficiency. In this way, Primavera Risk Analysis ensures each and every time that the optimal plan is chosen.


  • Identifies from the beginning the planning errors which may lead to setting a wrong work calendar or to making some faulty risk analyses
  • Can be integrated with already existing risk registers and new risk register can be defined
  • Advanced analysis of risk management through the Monte Carlo method
  • Reports regarding the confidence level related to the completion date and costs

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