Risk Management Workshop

To better understand the way in which risk management techniques reduce risks at the level of the project, Infinity Business Solutions proposes organizing a workshop at the head office of your company, applied straight on one of your projects.

The interactive sessions from this workshop will concentrate upon demonstrating the techniques based on risk management, applied on a real project. In this way, you will see the way in which our approach can offer safety against events which may occur in the future.

This workshop is intended to be the first step in developing an organizational culture, aimed at the efficient management of risks and opportunities which appear during the lifecycle of a project.


Organizing the workshop does not imply any cost from your company.


    • Identifying the risks which may affect the objectives of the project
    • Determining the risk response
    • Determining the risk monitoring modes
    • Creating the risk register
    • Increasing the probability and/or impact of opportunities and reducing the impact and/or probability of threats identified
    • Determining the probability of achieving the project objectives: time, cost, quality, performance etc.)





Day 1

    • General presentation of the concept, process and advantages – 1 hour
    • Analysis (interviews, discussions, project review) – 2 hours


Day 2

    • Meeting to present the results, conclusions and recommendations after the analysis
    • Planning the implementation of risk management
    • Applicability within your company


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