Project management services

Infinity Business Solutions offers personalized management project services for all five phases of a project: project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closing.

You can also conclude a contract with Infinity to manage the whole project. The advantages of such a contract are as follows:

  • A sole contact point within Infinity Business Solutions, in which all the project management activities are concentrated
  • Coordination of all project processes
  • Imposing the objectives set by the client in both organizations, in its own team, as well as in the Infinity team

The project management services offered by Infinity Business Solutions include, without being limited, to the following:

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Project planning

The success of a project depends mainly on the effort made in the planning stage. In this period it is more convenient to call a specialist in planning, rather than be forced to make corrections afterwards. Once the implementation is started, any modification will disrupt the activity and will generate time and money losses.

During the planning stage, Infinity will designate a project manager. This manager will make the team, will create the specifications and will develop a project plan, using our methodology.

The optimal version of the plan is selected, using an IT solution which simulates the materialization of the major risks. In this way, at the critical points of the project, sufficient resources will be available to handle them with success.

Although we are experts in using IT solution, we understand these are merely simple tools. The strength of the Infinity project manager is not Informatics, but creating an organizational culture of participation assumed in a conscious manner, in which each person knows exactly what to do.


  • Thanks to our complete methodology, all aspects will be taken into consideration
  • Having the creative process in the planning stage means that the implementation process will not be disrupted by modifications
  • Creating a productive consensus helps greatly the future course of the project
  • The project will show greater resistance to risk factors

Cost control

The predictability and control of costs are essential for the course of the project within the specifications which have been set.

The main cost control problems we solve are the following:

  • We maintain the stability of the invested capital profit rate
  • We implement a healthy budget management during the whole lifecycle of the project
  • We develop adequate commercial and management strategies to control the costs

Our price control services are concentrated on delivering the project within the limit of the budget. In order to do so:

  • The cost/risk ratio is continuously evaluated against the targets and every improvement possibility is identified
  • We define clear responsibilities for each team member, accurate criteria for completing each task and the costs related to each process
  • We continuously check whether the results achieved conform to the commercial policy


  • Being the most important Romanian company in risk management, we apply the best methods to control them
  • Safety by establishing alternative routes

Contract management

All activities revolve around contracts. These foresee the terms of the agreement, the expectations of the contracting parties and the way to solve the disputes. Although contracts are a central part of businesses, many companies continue to respond to them randomly. As a consequence, they loose the chance to improve their own commercial situation.

Contract management ensures not only the legal management of all contracts related to a project/company, but also their commercial management, which implies the continuous monitoring of quality and observance the contractual conditions.

By using an IT solution, the Infinity specialists ensure the following:

  • Marking the performance of suppliers and replacing those who are not adequate
  • Continuous improvement of deliveries
  • Market studies, feasibility studies
  • Checking the quality of the delivered products
  • Checking whether the contractual terms are observed
  • Management of business relations with suppliers


  • Time saving, allowing the Infinity client to fully concentrate on the productive side
  • Transparency, offering anytime a full image of the contractual situation of the company
  • Permanent improvement of the cost-benefit ratio
  • Increasing the company’s profit