Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Primavera is unanimously considered, on global level, the most complete and professional IT series for project & project portfolio management. It is a valuable acquisition for your company, especially because of the great capacity to simulate “what if” scenarios for the project.

It allows controlling all sides of the project, from costs to human resources.

Trainings supported by our in collaboration with Oracle University provides a safe and simple way to obtain the necessary skills to use the system.

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  • Manages complex projects in real time
  • Scalable on smaller or greater projects, as well as on project portfolios
  • Allows management of budgets
  • Monitors the costs at a very detailed level in real time
  • Anticipates in due time the exceeding of the budget
  • Making a plan graph brings on the analysis of the project in greatest details
  • Clearly setting the responsibilities and objective of all members of the project team
  • Allows the making of “what-if” scenarios
  • Centralizes the information regarding the project
  • Storing the performances of the projects makes possible the future analysis and their usage in the bidding and planning process
  • Ensures support for an unlimited number of projects, an unlimited number of stages and activities of the project, reference project, resources, critical paths and calendar-based planning
  • “Multiuser” and “multi-project” functionalities, with a strong control capacity of control over the resources, calendars, roles and data registration
  • Possibility to store the project methodologies and models, in a centralized location