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Workshop VIP (Value Improvement Practices)

International projects management

March 31, 2017 # 14:00 – 17:00


Context of international projects
International projects are a mirage for many Romanian companies because they can provide a sustainable business in a competitive market.
Building a partnership with a company in Western Europe, Middle East or Africa, whether it is about energy industry/ oil & gas or industrial and civil construction, is done in a long time and is based, primarily, on trust and demonstrated competences. Any deviation from the quality and assumed deadlines could damage the business partnership. It is therefore very important to know from the beginning the business culture of the international partners and particularly the project management culture.

Reporting systems
The reporting system required by general contractors in areas where international companies influence is present, can be radically different from the one required by beneficiaries of major projects.
Weekly Reports and Monthly Report are few examples of synthesizing relevant information from project collects data from engineering departments, planning, procurement, HSE etc.
S Curve development of a tracking project progress or even a rigorous Earned Value analysis is the tool that should not be missed in such reports.

Captura Value Improvement Practices

Workshops VIP (Value Improvement Practices)
During projects evolution, a series of workshops should be conducted in order to improve coordination and management activities:

  • Project Execution Planning Workshop (Team alignment workshop) – when project starts, in order to establish responsibility, project approach, engagement of all parties (stakeholders)
  • Risk Management (risk workshops) – e very time a problem appears in a project, we must be able to say that we anticipated this problem, that we have a plan and we can solve the problem. Time and money can be saved, avoiding stress by applying the principles of Risk – considering the uncertainties, identifying and analyzing risk in order to increase the probability of developing opportunities and lowering the probability of threats, developing a project schedule works more realistic by including risks.
  • Schedule Optimization (workshop optimization graph) – using techniques to optimize the schedule, in order to obtain a higher probability of project achievement in budget and in time, as well as the highest possible compression, without affecting the project objectives
  • Lessons learned – aims to be an exchange of experience that we want to be useful for all companies who develop or plan to develop international projects. We will share our experience but will also look forward the participants tell their sorrows or achievements related to this subject, to avoid past mistakes.

Location: 18 Constantin Aricescu street, 3rd floor, interfon 05, District 1, Bucharest

The workshop can be arranged upon request onsite (in Bucharest), online for individuals and companies in the country or abroad!

Registration, according to available seats, by submit the form below:

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      At the seat of partner

Infinity Business Academy, the school that trains Project Management Professionals.

We continue the series of courses dedicated to all those involved in the development of projects.


- ANC Certificate of completion
- Unique approach to Project Management
- Practical skills using Project Management software
- Practical examples from different industries
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Plan, monitor and deliver sucessful projects with the aid of the exciting courses and certifications offered by Infinity Business Academy

  • Gain the practical experience needed to manage projects, to assess risks and develop your leadership abilities
  • Obtain the “Project Manager” certificate issued by NCA (National Agency for Qualifications – Ministry of National Education))
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Project Management
Project Management for Construction Projects: tools & techniques
Project Management for EPCC Projects: tools & techniques
Project Management for Turnaround Projects: tools & techniques
Project Management for Engineering & Design projects: tools & techniques
Risk Management in Projects and Programs: tools & techniques
Cost Management in Projects using Microsoft Excel
Project Management, from simple to complex
Risk Management in Organizations and Projects
Earned Value Management

We welcome you in the Infinity Business Academy Team!


CostOS the best choice for all types of projects estimating

Oil & Gas projects can be most demanding when it comes to estimating. Estimators often have to provide estimates and budgets with continuously evolving scope and within a limited timescale.

CostOS has the ability to cover all classes of estimates, from conception  to the detailed (FEED) phase, making the system ideal for the Oil and  Gas  sector.  Its  powerful parametric engine can be used to value engineer projects and fully support critical decisions about the project, such as its scope and engineering parameters – even procurement and fabrication locations of the equipment.

Moreover, the flexibility of CostOS, together with the NoDoC Conceptual Cost Knowledgebase, (developed 50% by Nomitech and 50% by specialist consulting teams in the field), as well as the availability of commercial databases, make CostOS the best choice for all types of Oil and Gas projects estimating.

Why invest in CostOS?

Whether you are a facilities owning organization, a consulting firm, a contractor or subcontractor company in the oil & gas field, CostOS will become an asset of your company, allowing you to build business intelligence and to integrate estimating with other critical business processes. Main reasons why you should not postpone the investment in CostOS:

Centralise your estimating

Many estimators can work collaboratively on the same estimate and over centralised historical databases. Your past estimates can quickly be imported into the system and your work in CostOS becomes a knowledge-base for accelerated and more accurate future estimate production.

Evaluate and value engineer 

Use several off-the-self interactive cost models for offshore and onshore projects. Assess costs quickly and decide about key scope parameters.

Build your own knowledge-base

Make use of the most intuitive assembly and cost modelling development engine, designed specifically for engineers, and build your own parametric models quickly. Develop models that sit on top of your historical data, commercial databases, or even conceptualise the experience of your engineers through smart expressions.

One system covering all estimate classes

Consistency and simplicity, working in one system. Detailed Estimates and streamlined Requests for Quotes, become the basis for early phase Conceptual Estimates.

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  • External Databases and Models are available on the cloud with the ability to subscribe and search across all of them at once. Data updates are managed by Nomitech. Synchronisation of old estimates with new data is possible with a simple click.
  • Oil & Gas models are structured to cover various classes of estimates (class 4-2) and the required input / assumptions vary based on the estimate class.
  • Ability to create trends of historical data. E.g. plot equipment by specifications, weight, time and quantity.
  • GIS take-off capabilities including elevations. Embedded GIS take-off within assemblies, for feasibility assessments.
  • Custom Fields that can be used in a ‘spreadsheet like’ format.
  • Excel Formulas and functionality. Ability to create formulas and use them in a ‘spreadsheet like’ manner.
  • Location factors table over GIS enabling the quick and traceable localisation adjustment  of  productivities, procurement and fabrication strategies, labour,subcontractor rates.
  • Both “Volumetric” and Factor Based Models can be defined. Cost models can include advanced algorithms with loops, look-ups, etc that perform equipment sizing.
  • Centralised database supporting role based multi-user working environment on the same estimate


  • Access to a vast amount of data and quick updating of old Estimates.
  • Models can be used by junior and advanced users. Input changes from minimum to max depending on the stage of the estimate.
  • Check and compare historical prices, visually. Make justifiable predictions.
  • Conceptual definition of projects and quick extraction of results.
  • Flexible grouping, sorting, indexes, analytics, etc. Quick and easy system customisation.
  • Familiar working environment for Excel users.
  • International applicability.
  • Wide and powerful cost modelling capabilities for better decision support.
  • Increased efficiency through team collaboration. Consistency and increased accuracy

Infinity Business Center launches online courses and services

Starting with today, 5th of May 2015, Infinity Business Center is launching online courses and remote Project Management services.

The interface of Infinity Business Center is similar to an online shop for courses and support services for Project Management, which you can easily access from our website:

Our online platform combines the latest technology and professional development programs, providing an interactive learning environment and offers the possibility to access the online courses, irrespective of your location, as long as you have your computer connected to the internet

Infinity Business Center provides a full variety of support services for Project Management in accordance with the industry where you perform. From now on, our Risk and Project Management specialists are only a click away.

More details regarding our support services for Project Management can be found by accessing:

For more information, please contact us:

Ana Geaman
t: +40 73 062 36 67
f: +40 37 200 38 92

The EcoSud ERP system implementation project comes under the IInd Step of the supplier selection process

Ecosud, a company that reached last year impressive development on the market in waste management, a niche sector, chose Infinity Business Center as partner in implementing an ERP solution that should change the organization and support their decision-making.

An ERP project is often atypical requiring skills and resources beyond an organisation ‘s scope of manned skills.  Supplier’s selection prior to review of a company’s needs and sometimes even prior to a reengineering process are activities likely to lead to overruns in the budget , outreach of deadlines and which is the worst of all, falling beyond the business objectives, including loss of competitive advantage that an integrated system would weight in favour of any organization.

The business objectives identified in the analysis process were:

  • Redesigning a new informational system that supports insurance services, obtaining of by- products (compost, biogas) and investments in new storage locations
  • Recording of  budget registered revenues and expenditures achieved to the level of cost center in order to identify the opportunities to cut down fixed and variable costs and to balance cash flow.
  • Standardization of the Informational  system  for all storage locations,  also for the new ones
  •  Data processing integration in a single operating system to eliminate any redundant data processing
  • Ensure accuracy of data in the system

The first phase of the project was achieved and consisted in business process review and development of technical specifications, which served as Scope of Work  in the project second phase,the tender.

In the bidding phase, the Tender Specification was submitted to eight possible suppliers and further to their reply all received information was  centralized and ranked upon qualitative and quantitative well defined criteria.

The project is currently being within the stage of organizing live presentations for solutions proposed by suppliers selected on the short list  following to which one of them will be nominated  bid winner.

Infinity Busienss Center desires through  this type of approach, to offer complete  business analysis services, vendor selection and  project management implementation, thus becoming a reliable ally to companies that want to implement an integrated management system of  ERP type.


Ana-Maria Geamăn,
Marketing Specialist

Siemens Romania, a company representative in the Oil & Gas industry has chosen Infinity Business Solutions as a partner to implement Primavera EPPM

In October, Siemens Romania, decided to contract Infinity Business Solutions for implementation of Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management.

The trusted proficiency proven in EPCC Project Management using Primavera tool, the experience and the commitment to others complex projects and programs, were decisive arguments taken into account by Siemens Romania in their selection of a such dynamic and competitive partner as Infinity Business Solutions.

By signing this new contract, Siemens has chosen Infinity Business Solutions for their reliable partner in conducting this new project. After a year during which professional services were provided by the company in project planning, starting since October, Infinity goes on Primavera software implementation, train  their employees in Project Management for EPCC Projects and extends the  project management services also to refinery maintenance & overhauling.

“Our target is to be the most agile soft-base solutions supplier in the project & portfolio management field. We do this by providing our customers with the solution they actually need, on time and whithin budget”, says Tiberiu Vulpes, General Manager IBS.

Currently, Infinity Business Solutions has a Primavera representative client portfolio in areas such as: Oil and Gas, Civil Works, Energy and Infrastructure, being the only company of Romania with recognized competences  by both Oracle and Micosoft in Project & Portfolio Management domain. With an experience of over seven years, Infinity offers its clients professional project management services focused on risk management knowledge, being the first company of Romania to  implement Primavera Risk Analysis solution at their customers.


Ana-Maria Geamăn,
Marketing Specialist

The Conference of Project Management Experts

In the scenery of project management conferences from this autumn, the Conference organized by Infinity Business Solutions distinguished itselfby a number of extremely interesting and timely topics for companies that run large investment projects, maintenance, engineering and execution. The event took place on Thursday, September 26th at Hotel Radisson Blu, in an atmosphere in which project management techniques, leadership and creativity were the main topics on the agenda.

EPCC project management, improvement planning process taking into account the effect of unexpected events, cost estimation using modern techniques, the influence of leadership in the success of projects and the interaction of roles in a Project Services department, were the proposed topics by the organizers.

One of the most modern and complete cost estimation solution – CostOS Estimating – was launched on this occasion as a result of the partnership between Infinity Business Solutions and Nomitech Greece.

“I believe this event was an opportunity to introduce the solution Cost Estimating on the Romanian market and to prove modern methodologies of the most recent approaches to cost estimation. Infinity Business Solutions is our strategic partner in Europe, and the Cost Estimating has great potential in Romania in various sectors such as Oil and Gas, Construction. Nomitech’s aim is to automatize and improve the cost estimationprocesses in all project phases, from concept to feasibility studies, all to offer the support in tenders and auctions. CostOS solution created by Nomitech is today recognized by Oracle and preferred as a solution to estimate on a global scale. Infinity’s background is strong, it has an intense connection with Oracle Primavera and highly skilled staff who can ensure a successful future in the Romanian market”, said Apostolos CHATZISYMEON, CEO Nomitech.

One of the most debated topics was the influence of leadership on project success. Panelists Cristian Hubati, Director PMO & Quality Control OMV Petrom, Florin Ene, Director General IPIP; Victor Popovici, Managing Director Promment and Prof. Dr. Constantin Opran, presented success stories and how leadership affects the organizations they lead.

The conference was moderated by Tiberiu Vulpes, General Manager Infinity Business Solutions.

“After the Contract Management seminar in February and the Risk Management seminar in May, we end our series of events in 2013 with theConference of Experts in Project Management. The conference agenda was set so as to touch as many knowledge areas of project management, in the context of real life. That means best practice and lessons learnt. We don’t want to organize conferences on well-known topics, but rather want to tackle real projects, from our partners’s and our own experience.” Tiberiu Vulpeş, General Manager, PMP.

The event was attended by over 100 participants, specialists from our partner organizations, academic environment and the representatives of the companies: OMV Petrom, Rompetrol, Romgaz, Transgaz, Siemens, Kremsmueller, Bog’Art, Vodafone, Tahal Group, Rotary, Romtelecom, Rominserv, IPIP and many others.

“A top expert forum with a very fine balance between leadership and sharing knowledge and introductions to new tools of project management, loaded with a subtle energy that invigorated me and charged me positively, as effective as a sophisticated flavored coffee.” Cristian Hubati, Director Project Management Office and Quality Control OMV Petrom.

“The event was positive for my professional and personal experience. For the company I’m working now, Eco Sud, the collaboration we have with Infinity is very important. It helps us create a mechanism for integrated bussiness management, namely the integrated waste management system. Our company is currently in a process of organizational transformation and expansion of operation areas, aiming to become a project-oriented matrix organization. In this process we work with Infinity to implement an integrated information system (ERP), to obtain a working tool of management decisions. I also note, in terms of my personal experience, a cost estimation system is important for any organization.Developed for experts, the CostOS instrument is significant for industrial projects. I also think it has a positive impact on the feasibility study phase. It helps companies estimate on the basis of historical costs. This is a competitive advantage, decisive in implementation and commissioning phases, which can bind organically with the risk analysis module.” Constantin Gheorghe, Director Executiv Eco Sud.

Further details can be found on our website:

Ana-Maria Geamăn,

Marketing Specialist

Infinity Business Solutions is now Nomitech’s partner

Bucharest, 22th of July, 2013

Infinity Business Solutions has recently signed a strategic partnership with Nomitech, a leading European software company for providing cost estimating software systems. The partnership aims to complete the range of solutions, products and services offered by Infinity Business Solutions with a cost estimating software sistem – CostOS Estimating, developed on the international market by Nomitech Company.

Thus, in addition to the project management software solutions (Primavera P6 EPPM, Microsoft Project) and the professional risk management solutions (Primavera Risk Analysis and RiskALERT), Infinity Business Solutions will also provide an internationally recognized solution for cost estimating.

CostOS Estimating Software

After carefully exploring the modern estimating needs and incorporating the experience of major European companies in the technical field, Nomitech created CostOS. The system is based on the fundamental theory of cost estimating and thus it can be easily used in various industry types such as Construction, Oil and Gas, Energy and others.

The Graphical User Interface

While working with the CostOS graphical interface you will discover how to reuse older estimates to prepare new ones. At the same time you will find ways to optimize the direct cost by trying different cost scenarios.

The Core of Cost Estimating

There are many times when cost estimators waste valuable time by searching on old cost spreadsheets or papers in order to find cost data. This fact is the reason why the Cost Database of CostOS is regarded as a very valuable tool that accelerates Cost Estimating to a great extend. In addition CostOS is integrated with Online Databases (Knowledge Bases) that are provided on a subscription basis.

Connecting with other Software

All the cost data that you have collected until now can be easily imported in CostOS thanks to its co-operation with Microsoft Excel. You can easily import and export primary cost data in the database from Microsoft Excel. In addition you can massively import the Bill of Quantity Items from Excel.

CostOS also allows you to export your estimate into Microsoft Project and synchronize all of your resources with Primavera P6 in order to easily prepare the schedule of your tender.

The software reports can be exported to PDF files or Microsoft Word or Excel files, password protected or not.

Real-Time Synchronization with Oracle Primavera P6

CostOS enables you to keep your project estimate in line with the schedule. Whichever way you prefer working it is now feasible with CostOS. You can Work in parallel in CostOS and in Primavera P6. Changes you make on WBSs, descriptions, durations, resources etc are automatically picked up by the synchronization module.

“Cost OS is a highly specialized and innovative cost estimation solution for dynamic and rapidly-growing businesses. It is a flexible alternative to the old-fashioned estimation indexes provided for in the Romanian normative that are still used almost obsessively in spite of their technological depreciation.” Says Dan Precupescu, Executive Manager, Infinity Business Solutions.

“I am really delighted the Infinity Business Solutions, will be undertaking our estimating solution CostOS into the Romanian market. I strongly believe that CostOS will suit really well the customers of Infinity who want to improve their estimating competences, win more work and iIntegrate estimating and tendering with their project management processes and the best of breed solutions that Infinity offers today. Our aim is to make Nomitech CostOS, together with Infinity, a standard tool for Cost Estimating from the concept phase all the way through the detailed estimate phase of projects, in Romania” Says Tolis Chatzisymeon, CEO, Nomitech.

Infinity Bunsiness Solutions was the first project management company in Romania which incorporated in their methodology professional risk management programs. Our partnerships with Microsoft and Oracle demonstrates Infinity Business Solution’s  ability to leverage Microsoft Project and Primavera software to develop, promote, and implement robust enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) solutions for our customers.

Ana-Maria Geamăn,
Marketing Specialist

Infinity Business Solutions seminar on “Risk Management – proactivity for profitable projects”

Wednesday, May 22, 2013, took place the seminar “Risk management – proactivity for profitable projects” organized by Infinity Business Solutions. The event addressed risk management experts and those who intend to specialize in this area and is part of a series of seminars in the various areas of project management discipline.

download hi-res files – ZIP archive, 32.2MB

The seminar series was started by Infinity Business Solutions’s initiative to promote internationally recognized best practices and project management software in the Romanian economic environment.

The seminar was attended by over 70 people, among whom were OMV Petrom, Rompetrol, Romgaz, Transgaz Romelectro, ISPE, Siemens Energy, Kremsmueller, Bog’Art, and Techno Engineering representatives.

In the first part of the conference, Dan Precupescu, IBS Executive Manager, discussed the general concepts of risk management with a focus on identifying and assessing risks, existing probabilistic methods, monitoring and control. At the end of the presentation participants shared their experience in identifying and assessing risks.

Subsequently, Tiberiu Vulpes, General Manager at Infinity, proposed participants an interactive workshop during which each company representatives had the mission to make a three-point estimate of project activities and identify and assess the risks which may occur in the same project and existing solutions to mitigate these risks. Based on data obtained, Infinity specialists determined the contingency budget using Primavera Risk Analysis.

In the second part, Adrian Predoi, Technical Manager at Infinity, discussed in detail the most complex risk management software solution – Primavera Risk Analysis. He presented the impact of risks on cash flow for risk investment projects, making an objective determination of reserve of time and money with the help of Primavera Risk Analysis.

Finally, Ovidiu Bradin, Head of Project Services at OMV Petrom E&P, presented participants – Risk management of large capital projects, providing information on threats and opportunities they have encountered in the presented projects. One example was the case study on one of the most publicized accidents that marked the 80’s, the Challenger shuttle disaster.

After evaluating the event, the feedback was positive, the interest was quoted at maximum and the debated topics were assessed as being of great use for those present.

“Success in project development and risk management is a current topic of interest, intensely debated. The seminar organized by Infinity Business Solutions, as an intensive and interactive workshop allowed clarifying specific problems regarding managing the threats and opportunities of a project and provided a valuable opportunity to exchange experiences between participants. We want to thank the Infinity team for the great event planning and wish them success in achieving the objective of developing an organizational culture on the subject!”, said Simona Dumitrescu, project manager of Transelectrica SA.

Seminar series continues, another event of this kind, but of greater scale, will take place this autumn. Stay tuned for details about the event.

Ana-Maria Geamăn,
Marketing Specialist