Expertise, fields of activity and clients

In 2006, we launched the first implementation of risk management in Romania, using the Pertmaster solution. The first interested companies were the ones from the oil & gas domain. Since then, we extended in other activity fields as well, and the success of the project obtained in areas such as construction, energy and infrastructure, certifies the adaptability of our unique approach, based on safety.

Market leaders in risk management

In the first year after we established our company, we managed to attract the most important leader in the oil & gas market from Romania – Petrom-OMV. Because of the quality of services and the seriousness we have showed, in just a couple of years, we started to work with all the large companies in this domain.

Working within complex projects with special importance, we have proven that we can bring a significant contribution, regardless of their nature: from implementation of Software Solutions, up to project management for refinery modernization.

The quality of this contribution was recognized in 2008 and 2009, when the Petrom project entitled “Modernization of 5000 wells” won the Excellence Award offered by IMPA (International Project Management Association).

At the time being, we have stable long term relations with Petrom-OMV, Rompetrol, Lukoil and Steaua Romana.

Refrence Project:


  • Project management services for the Oil & Gas Development Programs office:
    • Project Services Team Lead
    • Project Control & Risk Engineer
    • Project Planning & Project Controller
    • Document Controlling
  • Risk Management for:
    • Risk management for the program entitled “Modernization of 5000 wells” – IPMA 2009 Excellence Award
    • Risk management for the program entitled “Development of wells and auxiliary equipment”
    • Risk management for the project entitled “Compressor station”


  • Project and risk management for the project named “Modernization of refinery”
  • Project and risk management for the project named “Modernization of plant (petrochemical domain)”


  • Risk management for the project named “Modernization of refinery”


  • Risk management for the project named “Modernization of refinery”


  • Implementing the risk management solution

Risk management – the basis of any construction project

Through its projects, Infinity Business Solutions has proven its availability to collaborate, both with large and small companies, regardless of the proportion of the project, including at the level of project portfolios.

In collaboration with Bog’Art, one the most significant construction companies in Romania, we worked at the construction of the new US embassy the Glass House, City Gate and the tallest building in Bucharest, Tower Center (120 m).

Risk management has an important contribution in the construction domain, allowing their objective estimation, before starting the activity. Through the involvement of Infinity in the project, the solution of the best risk reduction methods is ensured.

In constructions, more than anywhere else, time is money. The project planning service offered by Infinity ensures a complete project plan and reduces time losses, eliminating the need for future modifications.

The cost control services offered by Infinity establish, from the start, precise values for the cost of the project and ensure their stability. The contract management ensures contractual safety. In this way, we build trust, which is the basis for the quick and problem-free carrying out of the projects.

Reference Project:


  • Risk management at the level of projects and project portfolio
  • Risk management implementation

Enereco SpA Italy and Enereco SpA Romania

  • Acquisition and implementation of Primavera EPPM system
  • Project management services for projects of Pre-FEED Field Redevelopment, Front End Engineering Design, Detailed Design and Procurement

Tower Center, Glass House, City Gate, USA Embassy

Safety for your project

The great differences between the economic sectors impose the usage of different methodologies. In the energy sector, the key word is “risk”. Any project is a costly investment, which implies risks. If there is no risk control component, the project may become a black hole which consumes resources, or can tend to indefinitely extend the implementation period.

Infinity Business Solutions ensures this protection component necessary to the project and supplies the whole range of risk and project management services.

Regardless we talk about operational, environmental or cost risks – risk control is our performance domain.

Reference Project:


  • Project and risk management in the project named “Construction-field assembly and purchasing of equipment – compressor stations”

Extending the horizons

We use the expertise we gained in risk control to introduce advanced elements in the management of infrastructure projects. In this domain, risk management ensures the completion of project on time and within the desired budget limits.

Our project and risk management services ensure the logistic coordination and usage of resources in an optimal way. In this way, it is possible to increase the project profit, as well as the number of projects your company can carry out, safely, in this period of time.

Likewise, Infinity services allow, from the planning stage, the identification of the decision nodes of the project and optimal allotment of the resources around these, so that the possible risk materialization can be immediately solved. In this way, the extension over the term of the project and possible penalties can be avoided.

Reference Project:


  • Risk management in road and bridge constructions – Road complex, Bacau county