About Infinity

Our clients’ business is also our business. As such, our top priority is to complete projects on time, within the budget limits and with minimal risks.

Our Mission

At Infinity Business, we are completely and wholly committed to delivering the best in project management training and project services. Our mission is to add value for our customers by helping them to manage and direct their projects based on the most appropriate methodology and according to the best practices; our trainers demonstrate technical proficiency, integrity and professionalism in their efforts to providing our clients with the best and most outstanding training experience possible.

Our Values

  • Innovative solutions
  • Balance between know-how and software tools
  • Complete business solutions
  • Customer satisfaction
  • The “win to win” business relationships with partners
  • Partnership with employees

The first implementation of risk management in Romania

Established in 2006, Infinity was the first project management company in Romania which incorporated in their methodology professional risk management programs.

Due to this offer which was unique in Romania, our first clients were the large companies from the oil industry: Petrom, Rompetrol.

International recognition

Winning, in 2009, the IMPA Excellence Award with the project entitled “Modernization of 5000 wells” of Petrom proves the quality of our services.

This Romanian success was possible partly due also to our contribution. Because of the multiple risk analyses run by our consultants during the 2 years, the period of the project was reduced, and its carrying out was not influenced by external events.

Software Solutions

We use the existing most complete Software Solutions at global level for the identification, analysis and management of all risks.

Oracle Gold Partner

Oracle Gold Partner In 2006, we established strategic partnership with Pertmaster, British company whose software solution for risk management was number 1 worldwide. Thus, we were the first provider of professional risk management solutions in Romania. In 2012 we became Oracle Gold Partner and thus the only company in Romania with project and portfolio management competences recognized by Oracle as well as Microsoft.

Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management Competency

Microsoft Partner Silver Project and Portfolio Management Demonstrates Infinity Business Solutions’ ability to leverage Microsoft Project software to develop, promote, and implement robust enterprise project management (EPM) solutions for our customers.

Partnership with Nomitech in Romania

Oracle Gold Partner

In 2013, we signed a strategic partnership with Nomitech, a leading European software company for providing cost estimating software systems. The partnership aims to complete the range of solutions, products and services offered by Infinity Business Solutions with a cost estimating software system – CostOS Estimating. CostOS is regarded today as one of the most advanced cost estimating software system within the European region.

Partnership with Intaver Institute

To ensure a wide range of solutions for our customers we have achieved distribution partnership with Intaver Institute for RiskyProject Professional solution.

The first Romanian risk management solution – RiskALERT

In 2010, Infinity strengthened its status of local leader by developing the first Romanian IT solution for risk management, namely “RiskALERT”.

Its objective is to ensure the smooth running of the risk control processes by taking into consideration the local characteristics.

Through the projects held in Romania, we gradually discovered needs which were not satisfied by the existing solutions. In order to offer our clients complete functionality, we created the IT solution called “RiskALERT”, in which we incorporated all the experience we have gained.

Nowadays, we are in progress of developing a process management platform, based on the same principles.

Proven validity in more industries

The projects to the success of which we contributed in all these years made us stronger. Their variety proves that we have successfully extended the area of expertise in various activity fields: oil & gas, constructions, energy and infrastructure.

As such, we can guarantee quality services, irrespective of the activity domain of your company.


The stability of our clients confirms that the Infinity approach is efficient and offers results.

By using our methodology for project and risk management and our Software Solutions, we managed to complete every project on time, by reducing costs, the project period and the related risks.

Short history


  • Establishment – he company was founded having as its core an enthusiast group of persons specialized in the implementation of EPPM and ERP-type solutions (EPPM – Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • The first business line of the newly founded company took shape by attracting Pertmaster, a strategic partner, British company specialized in the development and implementation of the risk management solutions
  • In this way, Infinity Business Solutions became the first provider of professional risk management solutions in Romania


  • Petrom OMV, the largest company in Romania, starts using the complete risk management solution proposed by Infinity
  • The international consultant on civil construction projects, Techno Engineering, incorporates the risk management solution offered by Infinity in the projects of the company
  • Bog’Art purchases licenses and training for the Pertmaster Risk Expert solution


  • The methodology for risk management used for general contractor projects is validated by its implementation in one of the most important construction companies – Bog’Art
  • Rompetrol analyzes, with the help of the Infinity specialists, the threats and opportunities in their most strategic development program
  • The consultants of Infinity Business Solutions are involved in the greatest project from Romania – he program entitled “Modernization of 5000 wells” of Petrom
  • The program named “Modernization of 5000 wells” of Petrom wins the Project Management Excellence Award in Romania in 2008


  • Organizing the first conference on risk management in Romania, which combined the PMI standard and the Software Solutions
  • The program entitled “Modernization of 5000 wells” of Petrom wins, in Helsinki, the IPMA 2009 excellence award


  • Launching the first Romanian risk management solution – “RiskALERT”
  • The first RiskALERT client: Lukoil Romania


  • Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management Competency – Microsoft® Project Professional


  • We are certified as Oracle Gold Partner and become the only company in Romania with project management and project portfolio competencies recognized by both Oracle and Microsoft.


  • The year of consolidation and new opportunities. Infinity continue to implement project management software solutions and risk management in the projects of many major players on the Romanian market: Strabag, Siemens, Kremsmueller.
  • In 2013, Infinity Business Solutions launches a strategy to diversify the portfolio of software solutions. Thus, it sets a Nomitech partnership, the leading European software systems for cost estimate, this way the company became the only supplier in the Romania for CostOS Estimating.
  • Extend its solutions and products portfolio with the professional solution for cost estimating named CostOS. CostOS Estimating it’s the most advanced software system for cost estimating in Europe.